What is Cardarine all about?

Cardarine SARM is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) that adheres to the PPAR receptor and ultimately increases the genes that contribute to the overall expenditure of energy in the body.  It is a supplement which easily and effectively complements a disciplined exercise regime and a healthy balanced diet.   Though found to be truly good for a wide range of things, the outstanding endurance benefits of this drug are the primary reason for its use.  This state of the art drug, according to scientific studies, enhances endurance and energy levels far beyond the expectations of its users.  A member of a rather new category of drugs, SARMS, this supplement has the ability to provide all the same benefits of anabolic steroids without the risks and side effects.


No matter what your exercise or energy preferences may be, whether body building, weight lifting or cardio, the use of this SARM increases your overall levels of both endurance and energy for all and also contributes to speedy weight loss as well.  For weightlifters their ongoing weightlifting sessions are extended and they feel both energized longer and more accomplished with their exercise regimen.   For the cardio lover this unique drug helps to increase your overall run times and for all those who incorporate it into their fitness regimen weight loss is both easier and much more noticeable as well.

Fat loss that is experienced is the result of the presence of increased glucose in the skeletal muscle.  This highly studied drug helps to make better use of nutrients consumed each day and helps to decrease the amount of carbs and fat stored in the body.  As a result of these activities and functions this SARM is classified as not only a fat burner and anti-catabolic but, considering its properties, is classified as an anabolic as well.  For more information on its anabolic state and benefits check out simplyanabolics.com.  Whether you choose to use the supplement on its own or stacked with just about anything, studies prove that this supplement will absolutely enhance results every time.


Proper Doses

When taking 10-15 mgs per day, Cardarine will contribute greatly to both endurance and fat oxidation in the body.  This dose is specific to an 8 week exercise cycle.  If, however, you engage in an 8-12 week cycle then the appropriate dosage would be 20mg per day in order to achieve optimum results.  With that said, if you are an athlete you need be extra cautious about using this drug since it is actually banned by many sports.  If you are tested regularly, it is highly recommended that you do not use it because it will definitely be detected when tested.

Proof that It Really Works

There are abundant scientific studies that give focus to the many benefits of this SARM.  For instance, one study revealed that it actually is useful in preventing the occurrence of heart attacks while another study revealed that the drug decreases stress on the body and inflammation and also helps to prevent diabetes as well.  Additional research and studies have further revealed that this amazing drug has many benefits in addition to its primary known benefit of endurance enhancement.  These studies have revealed that the drug helps protect against and fight obesity, affords increased protection against type 2 diabetes, can increase good cholesterol (HDL) and also decrease bad cholesterol (LDL).  Overall, studies and research have found this drug to possess far more benefits than risky side effects of any type.